Executive Leadership Coaching Program

Sharing your journey, exploring avenues to greatness

Indigenous executives ready to take the next step in their career don’t usually need another mentor. They need tailored coaching to build their skillset, helping them to win their next role on the basis of their strengths. Sharing a journey as we explore the avenues to greatness.

The Pipeline Talent Executive Leadership Coaching program delivers high level coaching skills tailored for Indigenous leaders. The program is typically delivered fortnightly in cycles (6 sessions) over 3-month or 6-month periods.  Each cycle builds on the previous and foundational cycles to deepen and strengthen your emerging leadership skills through each coaching sessions, as agreed upon by you and your coach.
Pipeline Talent is an Indigenous company certified by Supply Nation, which specialises in building leadership capacity and employment opportunities for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders.
Effective coaching requires a strong relationship and a clear focus on challenging yet attainable goals. We create a safe environment for leaders to be and explore themselves, built around principles of trust integrity and honesty.
Australia’s talent Indigenous leaders need an opportunity to redefine their capabilities and potential and re-imagine what they can achieve. The Pipeline Talent Executive Leadership Coaching Program has been crafted to deliver that opportunity.
For more information about this program or to find out how you can participate, contact our team.

Coaching can include a broad range of features including:
  • one-on-one (face-to-face) services as well as coaching via video link or phone.
  • 360 feedback with peers, colleagues and direct reports.
  • targets and goal-setting
  • skills audit and testing
  • presentation and high level communication training
  • governance and compliance skills
  • management coaching
  • social media and digital profile management
  • development of a personal brand
  • career transition