At Pipeline, we believe a new approach to recruitment and executive training is required – delivering better value to employers and better outcomes for Indigenous leaders.

Australian corporate and government leaders have demonstrated that they want dramatic change. They want the chance to employ Indigenous leaders who can not only add diversity and new skill sets to their organisation – but who are ready to be appointed to senior roles on merit.

At the same time, our staff have worked with thousands of Indigenous leaders who are ready for the next step in their career; who have a strong track record and outstanding skills, but for a variety of reasons have been rendered invisible and/or blind to new career opportunities.

Indigenous leaders need the respect and also the scrutiny of culturally-sensitive training and recruitment experts in order to gain access to leadership roles in organisations across Australia – which is why Pipeline Talent was founded in 2016.

For help with search, coaching or position development, contact the expert Pipeline team and we will promise to get back to you within 24 hours.